Easter egg hunt furore – something of the ridiculous?

Can you see the word “Easter” in the image above? The image is a screenshot of the National Trust website for its Easter activity.

Yet, Theresa May saw fit to interrupt her visit to Saudi Arabia to criticise Cadbury’s and the National Trust for calling the activity an “Egg Hunt” rather than a “Easter Egg Hunt” – even though Easter is emblazoned above the title.

How ridiculous is that?

Now I see that I am being asked to boycott Cadbury’s Creme Eggs as a result of this nonsense.

I don’t eat Cadbury’s Easter eggs anyway so I can’t boycott them. But there is no compunction on chocolate manufacturers to make sure their labelling is theologically sound. The Church, particularly the Church of England (of which I am a member) already has vast resources (just take a shuftie at the real estate in Dean’s Yard, London SW1 for starters) and privileges (e.g guaranteed seats for bishops in the UK legislature) at its disposal to get the good message across. We don’t have to rely on Cadbury’s to supplement the message – indeed such confectionery business has something of the “money changers in the temple” about it these days. Cadburys is owned by a firm headquartered in Illinois, USA. Its founding Quaker roots have long gone. That horse has bolted. But the fact that Easter is prominently associated with the whole campaign (the word “Easter” is apparently mentioned 13,000 times on the National Trust website) should surely be more than enough. It hardly justifies an interruption to international diplomacy.


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