Bude – promotional film from the early 1960s

bude film

There is a wonderful film on the Love Bude Facebook site. It was produced by the Bude Hotels’ and Caterers’ Association in the early 1960s (judging by the cars in the film) and narrated by Michael Aspel. It last nearly 12 minutes and covers the whole gamut of things Bude.

You can view it here.

Is it the BBC's fault that Bargain Hunt is so popular?

I have a confession to make. I watch BBC’s antiques competition, Bargain Hunt, three times a week. Perversely, I watch it with the volume turned down, reading the sub-titles (I’m on the treadmill in the gym at the time).

It’s a strange programme, because, as my lifelong auctioneer father often says, in exasperation:

They’re going the wrong way!

What he means is, that prices are lower at auctions than flea markets/boot sales. So, if you buy some things at an auction, you can earn good money on them at a boot sale. But if you go the other way, you are often on a hiding to nothing. Continue reading

"This is about control" – yes, of course it is


This video clip sums up the whole EU referendum debate. It hits the nail on the head. It is virtually all you need to see, to make your mind up on the matter.

It’s from a Daily Mirror debate, chaired by Mark Austin. The Guardian summarises the clip thus: Continue reading

David Rendel 1949-2016

This was originally published on Liberal Democrat Voice earlier today.

David Rendel on Newbury Town Hall steps - Some rights reserved  by Martin TodAs reported earlier, former Liberal Democrat MP David Rendel has died aged 67.

David was born in 1949 in Athens, Greece. His father was a foreign correspondent for The Times, and he was a great-grandson of civil engineer Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel, and a great-great-nephew of Liberal MP Stuart Rendel, the first Baron Rendel, a benefactor of William Gladstone, as noted in Roy Jenkins’ book “Gladstone: A Biography”.

David was educated first at Horris Hill school, Newtown, Hampshire, and then as a scholar at Eton College. He spent 14 months as a volunteer teacher in Cameroon and Uganda with Voluntary Service Overseas. Afterwards he went to Magdalen College and St Cross College, Oxford where he gained a degree in Physics and Philosophy and rowed in the record-breaking Boat Race crew of 1974. Continue reading

Traffic chaos caused by accidents – we need to listen to local radio and look to our own driving

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On Wednesday there was traffic chaos in Berkshire. A lorry driver sadly lost his life after his vehicle over-turned, closing six lanes over two carriageways on the M4 for nearly twenty hours.

Fortunately, I turned onto BBC Radio Berkshire as I left home and, on hearing about the problem, was able to turn around and work from home for the day. Continue reading

Ten years of Liberal Burblings – thanks for reading!

This is the tenth anniversary of my first post on Liberal Burblings, which was on May 7th 2006. That post had already been published elsewhere, so my first original post here was about Christian Aid week on May 18th 2006.

Since then I’ve written 6,669 posts and received 664,620 “hits”.

Looking back on my posts I am often genuinely surprised that I wrote particular posts (I had forgotten all about them) – especially ones where I obviously spent ages doing research. The weird and wonderful subjects covered bewilder me in retrospect.

Thank you for reading along the years and I hope to keep plugging on.

Here’s a gallery of the “look” of Liberal Burblings over the ten years it’s been staggering on:

2006 on Blogger at paulwalter.blogspot.com

2006 on Blogger at paulwalter.blogspot.com





2009 on liberalburblings.com

2009 on liberalburblings.com

2010. At the expense of many naughty swearwords, moved to self-hosted WordPress on GoDaddy.com at www.liberalburblings.co.uk

2010. At the expense of many naughty swearwords, moved to self-hosted WordPress on GoDaddy.com at http://www.liberalburblings.co.uk

June 22nd 2013

June 22nd 2013

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Why is the name of Wendell Wilkie significant this year?

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Wendell Wilkie. A name to conjure with.

He was the Republican presidential nominee in 1940 and lost to F.D.Roosevelt. He was a rare Republican interventionist, favouring more involvement in World War Two (pre-Pearl Harbour) to support Britain and the allies.

He is significant this year because the occasion of his nomination was the last time either of the two main US political parties put forward a presidential nominee who had no experience as an elected office holder or as a “war hero”.

Now we have Donald Trump fulfilling both of those qualifications.

….Unless he’s suddenly going to tell us he won the Korean War single-handed….

Government abandons enforced 100% academisation in England

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The BBC reports that the government have climbed down over enforced academisation. What they are now proposing seems to be what they were doing before this crazy scheme was mooted.

They’ve sneaked out this “trash” on a busy Friday afternoon hoping no-one will notice. Continue reading

The last risk I expected on polling day was sunstroke

IMG_2856Well done and thank you to everyone who has done anything for the Liberal Democrats in our campaigns culminating today.

What a glorious day it was here in the south of England! – and apologies if the weather in your area wasn’t as great.

My straw hat got its first outing of the year and, as I tramped round the streets of Newbury, I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have such glorious sunshine and warmth. Continue reading