Gary Lineker – a welcome voice of humanity

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Gary Lineker has taken a bit of stick this week for comments (such as the one above) on Twitter. The Sun went to town on him and there were calls for him to be sacked from the BBC. Continue reading

A song across six decades that links the Moody Blues, the Four Tops and Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean has this year released a very strong version of “A Simple Game”.

This great song originates as a Moody Blues 1968 track, written and sung by Mike Pinder.

My favourite version is from the Four Tops from 1972. It is one of my Top 20 favourite songs. I think it is the Four Tops’ best track. Really exceptional.

Here are all three versions for you to compare:

The founding king of England encouraged an open, outward-looking country

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Full marks to Tom Ash. Earlier this week he nailed an historic parallel for Brexit. That was Henry VIII and the reformation.

However, those who favour an open, outward-looking UK, can claim an older, greater precedent than the Brexit-like Henry VIII, who broke with Europe basically because he couldn’t perform in bed sufficiently to produce enough healthy sons. (OK, there’s a bit of historic licence there and I’m being a bit (a lot?) cheeky – apologies – and I also apologise to the Scots, Welsh, Irish and Cornish that this is all about England). Continue reading