Great film about President Lyndon Johnson

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All the way is a brilliant film about the first year of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s presidency, from just after the assassination of JFK until the re-election of LBJ.

Bryan Cranston is great as the irascible and passionate president. The film particularly shows how he was the ultimate Capitol Hill fixer – particularly as he gets the Civil Rights Act through despite stiff opposition from Southern Democrats.

This is definitely worth a watch – and you can do so via Sky Atlantic for the next few days.

Brexit: The invocation of Article 50 can be reversed

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In May, the House of Lords select committee on the European Union published a detailed document on the process of withdrawing from the EU.

Among other things, the committee concluded that:

…we have no reason to believe that the requirement for legislative consent for its repeal would not apply to all the devolved nations.

-That is, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The committee also concluded that, once Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty has been invoked, it can be reversed before the end of the two year negotiating period: Continue reading

Brexit: How we could be in the single market with greater control over immigration – the Adam Smith Institute

The words of President Hollande on Thursday reinforced the UK’s apparent dilemma:

It’s the most crucial point… Britain will have to choose: stay in the single market and accept free movement or have another status.

I have banged on about this since the referendum. There is a halfway house – that of being in the EEA and EFTA. Continue reading

The Labour party becomes a debating society

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It appears as if Jeremy Corbyn may win the leadership race in the Labour party.

So it seems that the Labour Party has decided to become a debating society rather than a proper parliamentary force. That’s fine. Being a debating society is perfectly respectable. But it is not what established the NHS, founded the Welfare State, implemented the minimum wage, put in place equality laws, abolished the death penalty, legalised homosexuality, established the Open university etc etc.

And this excellent luxury of being a debating society could allow (if UKIP and the right wing of the Tory party get their way) the UK to break up amidst economic carnage with mass job losses, reduced wages and rising prices.

Brexit: The betting on what will happen next

CGP Grey is an Irish American You Tuber and podcaster. He’s done some excellent animated YouTube videos which explain complex issues very quickly. I recommend viewing his masterpiece on what would happen if the USA’s presidential electoral college is tied, and his corker on the Canadian-USA border. They are both priceless.

CGP Grey has now turned his attention to the Brexit options. He talks very fast on this following video. In fact, I don’t remember him talking this fast on any of his previous videos. He talks faster than the actors on West Wing. In 6’57” he beautifully explains the Brexit scenario and the post-Brexit options. It really is brilliant. Continue reading

Through careful language, Theresa May leaves her options open on Brexit

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I’ve mentioned before that Theresa May is, as one might expect, using very careful language on post-Brexit options.

In her leadership launch statement, she said: Continue reading

BBC poll suggests by 2:1 voters want PM May to prioritise single market over restricting free movement

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Mark Easton presented some interesting “Brexit expectations” polling by ComRes for the BBC last night on the Ten O’clock News. Here are a couple of highlights:

Most Britons think that maintaining access to the single market should be the priority for the Government when negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (66%), while just a third say this of restricting freedom of movement (31%).

Continue reading

So farewell then David Cameron…

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In the week of Chilcot, we can at least observe that David Cameron didn’t cause an unnecessary Middle East invasion which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Continue reading

Hopefully this will be the last stunning day in British politics for a while

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Well, well, well. Yet another stunning day in British politics.

There we were expecting two months of two candidates touring constituency Conservative parties. And then suddenly we hear that we’ll have a new Prime Minister on Wednesday evening.

Our Prime Minister exits the stage humming a bar of the West Wing ending theme tune. Continue reading

The EFTA/EEA Norway model provides some scope to lessen the pain of Brexit, while increasing control over immigration

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One of the legacies of the Leave’s irresponsible, hotch-botched campaign is that, in the public mind, leaving the EU has become inextricably intertwined with leaving the single market and eschewing free movement of goods, services, capital and people. We need to move beyond this binary thinking, which is bordering on the moronic. Continue reading