Dan Snow on Lloyd George: My Great-Great-Grandfather

On BBC iPlayer, history broadcaster Dan Snow takes a look at Liberal Prime Minister from 1916-1922, David Lloyd George, who was his great-great-grandfather.

It’s an excellent documentary, drawing on photos and footage from the era of Lloyd George’s life, as well as commentary from a team of excellent historians and biographers. Continue reading

Portugal is in grave danger of giving the Eurovision Song Contest a good name

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Every so often the Eurovision Song Contest throws up a decent song. However, through the fug of time, it is usually very difficult to think of them (apart from “Waterloo”). The 1961 British entry “Are you sure” by the Allisons was certainly a good song IMHO. “Si”, or at least the English version “Go” by Gigliola Cinquetti of Italy in 1974 was superb.

But last night the winner knocked me sideways. The winner “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral from Portugal was an absolutely superb song. You don’t have to understand Portuguese to be entranced by the lilting vocal and the hypnotic melody. Well done Portugal say I!

Here is a great interview with Salvador himself:

Tim gets aboard a hovercraft. What could possibly go wrong?

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This (above) is a slide show courtesy of Getty Images. Click on the arrows to see all five photos of Tim’s glorious descension into Burnham-on-Sea yesterday

Well, you have to admire the pluck of Tim Farron. As a keen student of Liberal History, I am sure he is aware of the intimate details of Jeremy Thorpe’s 1974 hovercraft adventure. That was the year of two elections – one in February and one in October. In fact, if you ask the great Paul Tyler, he will tell you all about this, because he was MP for Bodmin (but, crucially, not actually “Going Bodmin”) from February to October and then had to wait until 1992 before returning to the Commons as MP for North Cornwall. Jeremy Thorpe was the charismatic leader of the Liberal Party at the time. He hit upon a marvellous idea to campaign to the populace during the summer hiatus before the October election, which was long anticipated. Continue reading