"Devonwall" seat proposal – the government ignore Cornish pride at their peril

The Strand, Bude by paul walterThe Strand, Bude, Cornwall
On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be in a choir leading the singing of “Trelawny” in an ancient Cornish church. “Trelawny” or “The Song of Western Men” is the “unofficial Cornish national anthem” written by Rev R.S. Hawker. The congregation joined in with the choruses – most enthusiastically – and rapturous applause from “one and all” followed the song. It was a magical moment and reinforced that great feeling of community which one feels amongst Cornish people. There’s a real passion and pride about the Cornish nation.

The Boundary Commissioners and Theresa May should have been present at that church. I have a hunch that witnessing such strength of feeling, they would think again about their proposals for a “Devonwall” seat. The church in question is just south of Bude and part of the proposed parliamentary constituency of Bideford, Bude and Launceston, straddling Devon and Cornwall – or, I should say, Cornwall and England. Continue reading

A bizarre, but welcome, loophole for students in the new BBC iPlayer licence rules

Student on laptop in Iowa City, Iowa (22041012645)

A big concern for students, and their parents, is how to watch TV when they are at college or university. £145.50 for a licence is a very steep price for a student to pay for just part of the year, even if they are sharing that cost with others in their flat or house.

Up until September 1st, students could use BBC iPlayer without paying the licence fee. Continue reading