Norman Lamb takes issue with Malcolm Bruce over Carmichael affair

Norman lamb farborough
My two girls were out tonight so I took the opportunity to go to Farnborough with Judith Bunting and another Newbury Lib Dem. We attended a Norman Lamb evening at Farnborough Air Sciences Trust hosted by Rushmoor local party. And a very nice evening it was too.

Norman was very impressive. He started by outlining his passionate beliefs about mental health. He then talked about a campaign for freedom of information he pursued early in his parliamentary career. This was to obtain, ultimately successfully, details of who Tony Blair, as PM, was meeting at Chequers.

Norman then told us about another successful campaign he waged to bring culprits to justice over the BAe Tanzania scandal.

Norman then rounded up his speech with a summary of why he is standing for the leadership, based on liberal values.

As the first question, I asked him whether we should be preparing to book flights to Lerwick to help in an Orkney and Shetland by-election.

Norman was very clear that what Alistair Carmichael did was wrong, and he condemned it. He said that we need to have a fresh start where we put breaches of trust behind us and never repeat them. I was pleasantly surprised that Norman said he disagreed with Malcolm Bruce when he (Bruce) defended Camichael saying that all politicians lie. Norman said that is wrong and that all politicians do not lie and shouldn’t lie. Some lie, but shouldn’t, he said.

Hurst spit and castle

Yachts moored behind Hurst beach and spit

We had a great day out yesterday at Hurst spit and castle, which is in Hampshire on the watersedge of the Solent. We parked at Keyhaven and walked out to Hurst castle on the spit, having lunch halfway along.

It was very windy and the shingle spit certainly absorbs ones’ energy, but it was a great walk. We thoroughly explored the many nooks and cranies of the enormous castle and battlements. What an extraordinary place! And what great views of the Isle of Wight, the Needles and sailing boats jostling inbetween!

We finished by getting the little ferry back to Keyhaven.

A really great day out!

I have changed my comments policy

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After nine years of blogging I have changed my comments policy. I used to say that I allow any comments as long as they are not potentially defamatory. For most of the time that will continue to be the case, but I reserve the right to reject comments if I just don’t feel like publishing them.

The knee-jerk reaction is to call rejection of comments “illiberal” and indeed I used to be of that view (although I never used to buy the moronic line that comment rejection is “censorship”). However, it is part of a liberal society that there are owned units of publication. Book publishers. Newspaper publishers. It is a liberal right of each of those owners to publish what they like in their publications. It is just the same with bloggers. This is my blog and I will publish what I feel like on it. If your comment is not published here there are, of course, millions of places elsewhere where you can publish it. Notwithstanding that, I am very grateful for you for reading this blog and thank you for your comments, most of which will be published.

So this is my new comments policy:

I regard this blog as my personal space. I will therefore publish your comments if I feel like it.

If you want to make contrary smart-arse remarks, go and do it somewhere else.

This is where I get to be the smart-arse.