The round spherical objects of the "Preamble Lib Dem" label

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There has been a very minor outbreak of people using the label “Preamble Lib Dem” to describe themselves.

There are two ways of approaching this. The first is to say that all Liberal Democrat members believe in the Preamble to the constitution and therefore can call themselves “Preamble Lib Dems” if they want to.

The second is to ask why a few people feel the need to call themselves this? It appears to be so that they can differentiate themselves from Lib Dem members who, they believe, do not believe, and/or act in accordance with, the preamble. In other words: “I believe in the preamble, but some others I could mention don’t”. If this is in the absence of actually having spoken at length about their philosophy to the people in question, then this seems to me to be arrogant and sanctimonious.

If people sign up and pay up to be a Liberal Democrat then I accept that they believe in the preamble. They are a brother or sister or friend as far as I am concerned. A fellow party member. There are disciplinary procedures for dealing with members who obviously do not believe in the preamble.

That said, people are at liberty to describe themselves how they feel they want to describe themselves. That’s fine. I don’t seek to stop them or cramp their style. But I am equally entitled to say that I do not approve of it.