Ann Widdecombe: “I’m truculent, I’m succulent, I am a star”

With Ann Widdecombe’s adoption as a candidate for the European Parliament by the Brexit party, it seems timely to give another outing for this wonderful sketch by Victoria Wood from her Christmas 2000 one-off “Victoria Wood and all the trimmings”. This was well before Ann Widdecombe left politics for a career in celebrity television, most notably sweeping the floor (literally) on Strictly Come Dancing. So this was quite a prophetic work, and a piece of typically gentle genius by the much-missed Victoria Wood. Continue reading

West Berkshire Elections May 2019 – Nominated candidates

You can find the nominated candidates for the May 2nd 2019 West Berkshire Council elections here.

You can find the nominated candidates for the contested May 2nd 2019 Parish and Town councils in West Berkshire here.

Other details relevant to the elections are listed here.