Sparks fly as Newbury’s Sterling Cables Tower is brought down bit by bit…with no Fred Dibnah moment

With a little tweaking from Photomatix and Picasa, my photo above shows work happening this morning at the very top of Newbury’s Sterling Cables Tower. I’ve been keeping an eye on the work on the site everyday for months now. I have enormous admiration for the skill and hard graft of the workers doing the site clearance. It is a huge task.

For weeks now they have been dismantling the tower bit by bit. This morning they started work on taking apart the metal work at the top of the tower.

It seems that there will be no Fred Dibnah moment when the whole thing is blown up in a glorious cloud of dust. However, perhaps when they get to the brickwork lower down perhaps they will start some “wrecking ball” action….

Despite fight by Lib Dems, government changes today deny up to 160,000 people suffering from mental health disabilities access to Personal Independence Mobility Component

As reported less than a month ago, Liberal Democtrats in the Parliament have been fighting the government’s decision to deny disability benefits to 160,000 vulnerable people. The government have refused to listen and the new regulations came into force today.

Stephen Fry tweeted:

He links to this message from Mind, the mental health charity:
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The New European provides an inspiring read

That front page persuaded me to buy a copy of The New European newspaper this week, for the first time. It’s almost Private Eye-like. Some of the small print at the bottom is hilarious. Godmother, the film, it states is:

  • Featuring “Nigel Farage as the horse’s arse”
  • Filmed on location in “La La Land”
  • Based on a half-baked idea by David Cameron
  • Directed by Unseen Forces

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Probably the most catchy and annoying radio advert of all time….

I think I caught a listen of this advert some weeks ago when I was going through some YouTube clips. It is still in my head. It was played a lot on Capital Radio in the Seventies. Thanks to “SuperWomble” on the DigitalSpy Forum, the words of the ad jingle are:

Vogue has the prices, that are the very nicest,
Vogue has the selection that everyone adores,
Come to Vogue interiors for furniture superior,
Vogue cash and carry, furniturely yours!
Superior materials from Vogue!

You can listen to it in this selection of old Capital Radio bits. I’ve cued it up so you hear the advert straight away:

This jingle (later in the same YouTube clip at 7′ 22″) from Richard Shops is also engrained in my memory:

Richard shops are filled with all the pretty things
Such a lot of pretty things to wear
Hey there, pretty thing, make the world a prettier place
Come, pretty up, come buy your clothes at Richard Shops

++Second government defeat – Lords vote for parliamentary veto on final Brexit deal

Embed from Getty Images

The BBC reports:

The government has suffered a second Brexit defeat in the House of Lords as peers backed, by 366 votes to 268, calls for a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the final terms of withdrawal.
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