Pickles’ party/CS gas incident – the full SP including the name of the alleged person

All human life is here – from Paul Waugh’s Evening Standard blog. The Mail has a longer but less juicier article with a photo of the alleged individual.

When I first heard the news item about CS gas, I thought perhaps PC Plod had gone over the top (what’s wrong with the good old fashioned truncheon?). On reading this I am not surprised the officer discharged said gas. The altercation was within hearing range of the Commons chamber (Kerry McCarthy MP said on Twitter: “Was in Chamber when Pickles’ guest went on rampage. Much excitement, banging + shouting. Gillie Merron told us someone had set off CS gas.”). If the Speaker’s chair end of the chamber is anything like the other end, they have two officers with machine guns at the doors (when I once strayed towards the Commons’ entrance thinking it was the way out, they were immediately on the balls of their feet, twitching their guns, asking “Sir?”). So on the face of it, it is not surprising that the officer acted so forthrightly.

With a large hat-tip to the tweeting James Graham.

Daniel Hannan on the "economic miracle" of….er…..Iceland

Given the confidence with which he gave Gordon Brown a dressing down in the European Parliament, you might think that Daniel Hannan MEP has a very sure footed judgment when it comes to economic matters, would you not?

Well here’s a very interesting article he wrote in the Spectator in October 2004 singing the praises of those well known economic wizards…..er……the Icelanders:

In the ten years that I have been travelling to Iceland, I have watched an economic miracle unfold there. When I first visited the island, it had just joined the European Economic Area. Eurocrats expected that this would simply be a transitional phase on the way to full EU membership, but Icelanders saw it differently. As far as they were concerned, the EEA gave them all the benefits of the single market with few of the associated costs. Iceland is covered by the EU’s so-called four freedoms — free movement, that is, of goods, services, people and capital — but retains control over its own agriculture, fisheries, foreign policy, social affairs and non-EU trade. And, unlike full members, Iceland makes only a token contribution to the Brussels budget, amounting last year to 0.07 per cent of its GDP.

Today, Icelanders are absolutely rolling in it.

Not today though! As well as being virtually bankrupt, they are begging to be let into the EU on a fast track! It is very difficult to contain one’s laughter given the Euro-sceptic flavour of Mr Hannan’s tribute to Iceland.

With a hat-tip to a regular commenter, Rusty.

Hell hath no fury….

Fair enough. Jacqui Smith is taking a fair amount of political “hit” for a £10 pay-for movie bill wrongly shoved in with her expenses claim.

But surely this cannot begin compare to the embarrassment of a husband who has effectively been discovered by his wife, in the full glare of the media, having what might delicately be called “a crafty J.Arthur” while her back was turned? (And the alleged titles of the alleged movies are even being bandied around).

I doubt he will hear the last of it.

This is an appropriate time for a jolly recitation, I think…..

James Landale, fighting cancer himself, criticises those who closely followed the Jade Goody demise

For some strange reason I am quite a fan of a little programme called “News Watch” on BBC News 24. It goes out at 7.50am on Saturdays, which seems to fit into one of my prime attention span opportunities. It’s presented by Raymond Snoddy, who acts like a little terrier in calling to account BBC executives on behalf of the viewing public.

This week, the programme majored on the coverage of the death of Jade Goody. I was interested to see that the piece included some quotes from James Landale, who is BBC News 24’s chief political correspondent (See him below reporting from Westminster while drenched to the skin during a thunderstorm.) I didn’t realise that he is fighting cancer (roughly the same type that Menzies Campbell survived).

After the programme I belatedly found this piece in the Mail, which James Landale wrote a few weeks ago:

I can no more criticise Jade for her choices than any other healthy person.

If she chooses to end her life exploiting her celebrity to provide for her two young boys’ future and raise awareness of cancer, then so be it. Few can disagree with that.

But those who follow the Jade Goody coverage with such seemingly prurient interest should, I believe, examine their motives.

Yes, this is a powerful, compelling story of human tragedy – but how much are people drawn in also by the prospect of witnessing death?

How much are people succumbing to exactly the same appetites as those who once took their picnics to attend a public hanging?

Perhaps they are not quite modern-day tricoteuses sitting with their knitting before the guillotine, or day-trippers to the Coliseum watching the lions at work. Cancer rarely provides such a quick, violent death.

But perhaps some of those people obsessively following the Jade story – photo by photo, detail by detail – are betraying the same instincts as those who slow down on the motorway to stare at some poor wretch hanging out of their windscreens?

Counting one’s food

As I have done for several years now, I am taking part in Christian Aid’s “Count your blessings” for Lent. This involves reading and thinking about one factoid everyday, then calculating a donation based on the fact. I mention this only because today the factoid led me in an interesting direction.

After taking part in Basingstoke’s weekly timed 5K “Park Run”, we finally got round to doing something we’d wanted to do for a long time. We stopped off at Nelson’s American Diner on the A339. I plumped for the “Big One” breakfast. I doubt I’ll be eating until this evening after that. Suffice it to say that it was “the works” with all the trimmings. Marvellous.

With uncanny irony, I then came home and read today’s”Count your blessings” factoid:

Saturday 28th March – A large UK supermarket stocks 30,000 different products, while many people in the world eat the same food every day. Give 20p for each different food you ate at your most recent meal.

I have just finished counting. It was ten….I think.

An explosion in a Pickles factory

Eric Pickles goes ballistic on Question Time. Clip here. Transcript below from The Telegraph’s Three Line Whip. It is hilarious and Pickles certainly demonstrates the art of sanctimonious pomposity. He doesn’t seem to realise how weak and pathetic his defence seems from the point of view of ordinary members of the public.

David Dimbleby began by asking Mr Pickles if he claims for a second home:

EP: “I do indeed have a two house system and an allowance. But if I could just make a brief contribution

DD; “How far away from Westminster are you?”

EP: “Thirty seven miles.”[Boos from the audience]

EP: “And if I could just make this brief contribution to hang an MP week -“

DD: “Take your time! Take your time!”

EP: “OK, then let me explain why. And I have actually had experience of commuting that distance, when my wife was ill (she’s fully recovered now) – but for a month I did it. And it was an extremely difficult experience and I’ll explain why. Because the House of Commons works on clockwork: you have to be there, if you’re on a committee, you have to be there precisely. Particularly for someone like me, I was a number two -“[Boos from the audience]

EP: “Let me explain, let me explain, please just let me explain for a moment. I had to be there -“DD: “Like a job, in other words?”[applause and laughter from audience]

EP: “Yes exactly like a job. If you’re number two in the opposition, you’re essentially running the committee. So I needed to be there at 930 to move those amendments. It doesn’t matter if a Liberal Democrat isn’t there, but it matters if I’m there -“

Ed Davey: “That’s just cheap”

EP: “When I was doing this, I was leaving home at five thirty in the morning to guarantee that I was there and I wasn’t getting back until twelve or one in the morning. Now you can do that once or twice, you can do that for a while. But you’ve got to understand, the House of Commons runs like clockwork.”Caroline Lucas: “So does the rest of the world, Eric.”

EP: “And I have never, ever claimed my full allowance. I have always claimed the amount -“[jeers from audience]

EP: “Well I mean, I publish them. I’ve always published them on my website. They’ve always been there for people to see. I have always been accountable. And I can tell you, I think the things are going to come out in a week’s time. I think I’ve only claimed about sixty percent of the allowance, it might even be fifty five percent. But I’m a serious guy who will put in the hours. And I will work for those hours. But I can tell you this: it is no fun doing five thirty in the morning right the way through. You cannot be sat on a train thinking ‘am I going to make it? Am I not going to make it?’ That’s why I do it.”

Audience Member: “Do you think Fred Goodwin should give some of his pension back Eric?”

EP: “Yeah, I do.”

Audience Member: “Right – that’s because he’s behaved immorally, unreasonably perhaps. But he’s played within the rules! Don’t you think that’s a bit hypocritical?”

EP: “I had my flat – I bought my flat when we regularly sitting until two in the morning. I bought my flat when we did that. I bought that flat because it turned out -“

[Audience member: “sell it!”]EP: “OK well I’ll sell it. Of course I could sell it. I am never going to be able to satisfy you folks, at all, because I am an MP and therefore guilty.”

Noel’s HQ leaves Sky One

Below is the speech which seems to have ended with Noel’s HQ leaving Sky.

Noel Edmonds has reportedly pulled his Noel’s HQ show from Sky TV over a disagreement about presenting the show live.
Sky bosses wanted Noel to start pre-recording the series following a live rant the 60-year-old presenter made on air last month, according to The Sun.
But Noel refused and is now taking the second series of the programme – which campaigns on issues hitting ordinary people – to another channel.

Doggedly loyal and moderate Tory MEP highlights the shattering stupidity of Cameron

It’s not often that you actually see one of your local MEPs, especially ones who are not Liberal Democrats.

One of my previous MEPs, who I have actually seen in the flesh, is Caroline Jackson, who is currently an MEP for a neighbouring region.

She addressed a meeting, which I attended, of the Newbury United Nations Association in about 1992. For a Tory, she is not a bad egg. One of their more reasonable politicians, I believe.

It really is quite extraordinary that she is now on the brink of leaving the Tories over the mind-blowingly ludicrous decision taken by Cameron in first week’s of leadership to leave the moderate EPP formation in the European Parliament. Her decision to make her thinking public shows how utterly stupid Cameron’s decision is, and reveals the truth about the Tory party. No matter how much Cameron may pretend to be moderate, there is still stupid, burning Euro-hatred at its core.

Caroline Jackson has said, extraordinarily: “Pulling out of the EPP was ridiculous, is a serious mistake and I am minded to leave the party.” She’s been a Tory member since 1963 for goodness sake! It really takes talent on Cameron’s part to wind up such a loyal moderate Tory politician for the absolutely pointless and virtually meaningless matter of which blinking group your MEPs sit with in the EP (especially as Cameron is driving his MEP’s into a marginal group containing some rather extreme Poles.)

As a footnote, Caroline Jackson’s hubby, Robert, was Tory MP for Wantage but defected to Labour just before he stood down as an MP.