Kittiwakes in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

We recently returned to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a jewel of a city! This time, we were fortunate enough to see the kittiwakes nesting, both in and around the Tyne Bridge and at the Baltic Mills buidlding.

The Baltic Mill website has a Kittywake cam, and the page says:

NewcastleGateshead Quayside is home to an estimated 700 pairs of breeding kittiwakes. This colony is recognised as being the furthest inland kittiwake colony in the world. Kittiwakes have used the NewcastleGateshead Quayside as a breeding site since the 1960s and have truly become a well-established part of our local and natural heritage.

Kittiwakes are usually coastal birds, however, the kittiwakes that breed along the River Tyne nest, not on cliffs, but on man-made structures like the Tyne Bridge and BALTIC.

The Baltic Mill is a superb modern art gallery. They currently have an exhibition from Canadian artist Rodney Graham, which is much recommended.