"Missing the Lib Dems"

inewspaper24th oct2015From the letters page of the i newspaper yesterday:

After the election, one commentator remarked that history would treat the Liberal Democrats better than the electorate did. Continue reading

Suffragette – a moment for shame

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The film “Suffragette” is now on general release. It is very much worth watching. Continue reading

Back to Highway 61

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I have aways been a bit averse to Bob Dylan.

I have recognised him as being one of the best songwriters ever, but not the best singer of his own songs.

This situation changed yesterday.

I listened to Andy Kershaw’s sublime documentary “Back to Highway 61” about the making of Highway 61 Revisited. It is utterly fascinating. I then listened to the whole of Highway 61 Revisited on Spotify and, guess what? I actually enjoyed it. A lot. Indeed, so wowed by it was I that I am thinking of getting a T-Shirt with “Desolation Row” on it.

They do exist!