Answers: the women who were thrust into the limelight by their fathers when they were girls

Photo 1 was of Cordelia Gummer who, aged four, was fed a burger (above) by her dad during the CJD scare. She is now 21 years old.

Photo 2 was of Carole Hersee who was photographed when she was eight by her father, a designer, to feature in the BBC 2 testcard, which he designed. She is now 48 years old:

Last chance to nominate for LibDem blog of the year awards

Don’t forget that today is your last chance to nominate blogs and blog postings for the LibDem Blog of year awards.

The details and a link to where to send nominations are here.

I have nominate half a dozen blogs for the various awards.

I will spare the blushes of those I have nominated except to say that I nominated "Daddy Alex" for "Best posting" for:

David Cameron on Today: How I Long For Yesterday

Whoops. With everything going wrong for David Cameron in recent weeks, this morning he dropped three different messes of his own making all over the Today Programme. Reaching for another Tory core vote issue to shore up his fragile position, he chose the wrong one: what idiot prattles about school discipline whilst his own party are rioting? Then he fell flat on his pitiful by-election failures, describing the Conservatives without qualification as the third party. Finally, unable to answer multiple Tory attacks on him, he chose to attack each of them in turn, sounding like just another feuding, useless Tory.

…A great post by a great blogger. I just wish he would hurry up and finish that mug of tea.

Increase in typhoid and measles – Is Edward Jenner turning in his grave?

It really is madness that there are perfectly good vaccines for typhoid and measles but we are seeing increases in UK incidences of both those diseases.

It is timely that the UK Vaccines industry group have issued a series of documents called “Valuing Vaccines”, linked to a publicity campaign involving Tony “Baldrick” Robinson.

My son died aged sixteen months old in 1993 of a type of Meningitis called pneumococall meningitis. At the time, a vaccine for that disease was not even dreamt of. Fortunately, as of last October, such a vaccine is available on the NHS. That was thirteen years too late for my son.

So I have extra reason to be very concerned that available vaccines are not being taken up, leading to an increase in disease.

Photo above: Edward Jenner, who discovered the smallpox vaccine

The Cameron lurch to the right

The Independent reports that Cameron has re-ignited claims that he is lurching to the right after his comments on immigration last night.

Seumas Milne in the Guardian writes an excellent commentary on this lurching to the right business, entitled: “Now we see what the return of Tory Britain would be like”:

Now, after two months of the Brown bounce, a series of public rows over policy and two humiliating byelection performances, the real Conservative party is reasserting itself – and giving us a flavour of what the return of Tory Britain would feel like. Start with the prospect of rightwing libertarian Boris Johnson, a man who thinks it’s amusing to refer to Africans as “piccaninnies”, regrets the end of colonialism and denounced the Lawrence inquiry into the racist killing of a black teenager as “Orwellian” – as Tory mayor of Britain’s multiracial capital.

…on the crucial economic, social and class issues, Cameron’s Tories stand where they always have done: if anything, they are moving on to even more extreme neoliberal territory.