Exciting tour of National Public Radio in Washington DC

Me at the studios of National Public Radio in Washington DC

When I was in Washington DC last month, I discovered that the headquarters of National Public Radio (NPR), the US wide public broadcaster, was near my hotel. I was able to go on one of the daily tours of the offices and studios. It was absolutely fascinating and very exciting. NPR is heard through 1000 affiliates across the USA, peaks at 15 million listeners and is the most trusted USA news source.

On the tour, we passed the legendary “Tiny Desk”, the home of the “Tiny Desk concert”. It’s a bit like Radio 1’s “Live Lounge”. By chance, the group for the day, Phony Ppl were arriving at the desk for their concert. I met one of the band and the “Tiny Desk” curator/presenter Bob Boilen.

Below is a photo of Phony Ppl performing their “Tiny Desk” concert that day.

Here is the concert which Phony Ppl recorded that day (click on the image below):