Well done Nick Clegg!

I do find the “candidate A good/candidate B bad” stuff really pathetic.

So, I’m going to break the mould and praise the candidate I am not backing!

Nick Clegg has done a brilliant thing with his pledge to lead a campaign of civil disobedience against ID cards. This is precisely the sort of principled and uncompromising stand which we need to highlight the true liberalism of our party to the general public.

Well done Nick!

When is a "dog whistle" not a "dog whistle" ? (2)

Try this little comparison. Speech One, according to Tory Spin Central is a “dog whistle” speech. Speech Two, TSC says, is not a “dog whistle” speech.

Any help in understanding the distinction would be very gratefully received.

I have cut and pasted a couple of little quotes from each speech and a link to the full text in each case.

Speech One

Firm but fair immigration controls are essential for good community relations, national security and the effective management of public services.

Michael Howard January 24th 2005

Speech Two

It is time for change. We need policy to reduce the level of net immigration….So these are concrete steps that we will take to control immigration directly. An annual limit on non-EU economic migration, enforced by a new Border Police Force. Transitional controls for new EU entrants. And changes to the rules on marriages across national boundaries.

David Cameron October 29th 2007

When is a "dog whistle" not a "dog whistle"?

Following my earlier post here:

Only on Saturday night, Iain Dale wrote:

“Brown to Spotlight Immigration in Bid to Woo Back Middle England

A reader tips me off that according to a government minister he spoke to tonight, Gordon Brown sees immigration as the issue which will set him back on the straight and narrow. He will be making a big speech on it in the next couple of weeks. Apparently he’s been on the phone to Michael Howard tonight asking to borrow his dog whistle.”

It seems that David Cameron beat him to the dog whistle.

…Iain has kindly read my post and replied saying:

Paul, have you actually read David Cameron’s speech? If you had, you;d realise it was nothing of the sort. Indeed, I suspect you’d agree with about 98% of it.

To which I reply:

Iain, Thank you for reading my post and commenting on it. Did you read Gordon Brown’s speech before you described it as a “dog whistle” speech? Unlikely – he hasn’t made it yet. I have read Cameron’s speech. But for the life of me I can’t see any great difference in tone to Michael Howard’s speech on immigration in 2005 (aside from mention by Howard of asylum seeker controls).So if you describe Howard’s speech as a “dog whistle”, why not Cameron’s also?

Iain has further replied and I have replied to his reply and no doubt he will reply to that and I will…..

Iain Dale said…
You cannot be serious if you think that was a speech Howard could have given.
Tuesday, 30 October, 2007
Paul Walter said…
Did I say that? It is just that if you describe Howard’s speech as “dog whistle” I don’t see why you don’t also describe Cameron’s as that? Howard’s speech was not racist but called for controls. Ditto Cameron’s.
Tuesday, 30 October, 2007