Nick Clegg on The Last Leg

Nick Clegg on the Last Leg2
We quite often watch Channel 4’s The Last Leg on Friday evenings. I’m a particular fan of Adam Hills, who is a very funny and articulate anchor man for the show.

Until this week, I didn’t realise the connection between the show and disability. Yes, of course, I did know that Alex Brooker has disabilities. But I didn’t realise that Hills has a prosthetic leg and that the show started during the Paralympics. You learn something new every day. But perhaps my ignorance is a good thing – I have just watched the show because it is really funny.

Anyway, there was quite a build-up to Nick Clegg’s appearance last night. In particular, his showdown with Alex Brooker was hyped up. In the event, I suppose I got a bit confused. I expected Brooker to ask really tough questions about disability benefits, for example. In the event: “Do you prefer David Cameron or George Osborne?” was about as tough as it got. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected so much – it is a comedy programme after all.

There was on nugget of insight. Alex asked Nick Clegg how he felt about the tuition fees episode on a scale between one meaning “couldn’t give a toss” and ten meaning “can’t sleep at night because of it”. After some thought and clarification of the scale, Nick said “nine and a half”, which I thought was very telling – even if it wasn’t his honest opinion and was instead what he thought people wanted him to say.

And it was very funny. Full marks to Nick Clegg. He really entered into the spirit of the thing.

And who thought we’d see the Deputy Prime Minister throwing a melon onto a prosthetic sword?

You can watch the programme here on Channel 4’s On Demand service.

Campaigning in Hungerford today

hungerfordIt was great to get out with the team in Hungerford today. We got a great reaction with many survey responses and signatures for our petition against cuts to Childrens’ Services by West Berkshire Council.

Sadly, the overnight snowfall had cleared, so we couldn’t qualify for one of Caron’s “Liberal Democrats campaigning in the snow” posts!

I’m really enjoying all this heightened campaigning in the run-up to the general election. And certainly, the warming Heinz Tomato Soup at the end of the trail today was very welcome!

A quiet word in defence of Alex Carlile

alex carlile2 from bells yard
I fully support the decision of my friend and colleague Caron Lindsay, Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, to initiate a debate on the actions of Lord Carlile in connection with the Counter Terrorism Bill and an amendment (which apparently is still hanging over parliament like the sword of Damocles) which would effectively bring in the Communications Data Bill (or “Snoopers’ Charter”) by a back door/shoe-horn.

I strongly disapprove of those actions, taken by Lord Carlile and a few other peers. Continue reading

Somerton and Frome action day


Today was a truly glorious and inspiring day. With friends Sue and Steph, I went down to Somerton and Frome constituency to help out old friend David Rendel and his team. It was a glorious sunny day with a clear blue sky. The beautiful “Tamara Drewe-esque” villages of Holcombe and Coleford were breathtaking.

It was great to be amongst young and young at heart enthusiastic volunteers and to receive a very friendly welcome from residents.

The Green party – should the Lib Dems be panicking?

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Yesterday, a poll showed the Green party ahead of the Liberal Democrats by two points. Last week, figures showed that the Green party overtook the LibDems (and UKIP) in terms of membership numbers. Continue reading

Topographical sat nav

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About 15% of the causes of global warming come from transportation. A major portion of that comes down to trucks on our roads – which play a major role in keeping our economy going.

Therefore anyone with an interest in reducing carbon emissions must applaud any efforts to increase truck fuel efficiency. This webpage contains a host of advice for truck drivers along those lines. One interesting new development is topographical sat nav:

Topographical (TOPO) satellite navigation systems will not only inform you of road markings, but also elevation in the geography, which can help you plan ahead more efficiently. For example, a peak in elevation could prompt you to increase the throttle and gain more momentum. In addition – like most GPS devices – they are able to calculate the most efficient route for your journey. If the purpose of your newfound interest in fuel economy is environmental, there are also solar powered options available.

We should be very grateful to Sarah, Duchess of York

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We should be very grateful to Sarah, Duchess of York. She has pioneered a unique combination of royal communication and commerce.

This week, we have been able to benefit from her wise insight into various issues, only because her views are brought to us courtesy of the Fusion Xcelerator. This remarkable device, which most of us would call “a blender”, is available for only $99.99 plus $9.99 P&H (whatever the “H” stands for – I don’t know).

So, with Sarah, Duchess of York, you get a great package, bristling with different services. She goes onto NBC’s Today show and you are not only informed about the wonderful Fusion Xcelerator, but you are also informed about Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Where else would we find out that he is a “a humongously good man”?

Later she went on to the “Meredith Vieira Show“, again as part of her tour to advertise the Fusion Xcelerator, which you can buy online and is excellent. Here we benefitted from her wisdom. “I believe in love” she tells us. What a sage! But, thank you, Sarah, Duchess of York, for also opening up and revealing to us that Princes William and Henry “really are extraordinary boys and Catherine is incredible”.

Sarah, Duchess of York, may I say, on behalf of a grateful nation, “thank you” and thank you also to the Fusion Xcelerator – buy now while stocks last!

PS. That price of $99.99 plus $9.99 P&H reminds me of this rather amusing sketch from Harry and Paul: