Listen to what Australian shoppers are listening to now!

Embed from Getty Images

…That is probably not an entirely attractive proposition, but I find listening to Coles radio grimly fascinating.

Coles supermarkets, along with Woolworths (yes, Woolies!) account for 80% of Australian supermarket activity.

So, Coles are big!

And when you push your trolley round a Coles, you hear their radio. Coles Radio. Cheery music interspersed with news of this week’s special offers.

Asda FM, in the UK, is allegedly available on the internet, although I couldn’t find it.

But Coles radio is available on the internet, not just once, but in seven different flavours, one for each of the main states of Australia.

I have listened this morning to Queensland Coles Radio. “A beautiful girl in an ugly Christmas sweater” by Garth Brooks was playing.

Now, I’m listening to Northern Territory Coles Radio and “Your kiss is on your list” by Hall and Oates. Lime Cordiale and “Robbery” followed, which seemed a half decent track.

All this may not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth sampling Coles Radio, if only out of curiosity.

PS. Coles NT are now playing “Ruby” from the Kaiser Chiefs. Back of the net!

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