Great programme about Donna Summer’s “I feel love”

Embed from Getty Images
Available to listen to for the next four days, Radio 2 have surpassed themselves with this superb documentary called “The Summer of I feel love”.

Introduced by Paul Sexton, the show includes interviews with Giorgio Moroder and (Englishman) Peter Belotti, who co-produced the ground-breaking track.

The documentary is presented in a wonderful way, blending various tracks which led up to and followed “I feel love” with fascinating interview clips. Peter Belotti tells how Moog Synthesiser programmer, Robbie Wedel, who helped create the tune, managed to use a method of synchronising the beats which even Robert Moog didn’t realise was possible, at the time!

This programme is highly recommended for music anoraks. For me, the track reminds me of a great 1978 summer spent feeding the dishwasher conveyor belt (“washing dishes” wouldn’t do it justice) at Butlin’s Holiday Camp, Minehead. I remember seeing Tony Blackburn playing the song on his Radio One Roadshow from Minehead.


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