The ska classic behind the "Death in Paradise" theme tune

As a family, we’re great fans of BBC 1’s “Death in Paradise”. We particularly like the theme tune. A little research showed that the tune is an instrumental version of a classic reggae song. “You’re wondering now” is the song. It was written by Reuben “Andy” Anderson (according to the label of the original release on C&N records). The “Death in Paradise” theme rendition was composed by Magnus Fiennes.

The original version appears to be by Andy and Joey in 1964. The YouTube clip below shows a 1966 recording of some joyous dancing to the song.

Some websites say the original version was by the Skatalites, but on their official discography I can only find later versions on compilation albums. Their version is below also, together with the Series 3 opening titles from “Death in Paradise”.

The song has also been covered by The Specials and Amy Winehouse.


4 thoughts on “The ska classic behind the "Death in Paradise" theme tune

  1. According to wikipedia it was Magnus Fiennes who is the composer of the ska-version of the Death In Paradise the tune. This should be mentioned also in the article.

  2. Where on Wikipedia does it state that Magnus Fiennes composed this? The first known recording, by Andy & Joey, was released in 1964 by which time Fiennes would have been about 1 year old. The song was later covered by The Skatalites (1967), The Specials (1979) and Amy Winehouse (2007) to name but a few. Fiennes may have arranged the re-recording for Death in Paradise but, since he adds nothing new to the basic form I even wonder if the title Arranger is appropriate in this instance. The lyrics are credited to Coxsone Dodd but he was a producer. There is a long history of label owners/producers crediting themselves as writers to songs they have purchased or nicked in order to keep a bigger slice of the profits. I don’t know if this is the case with You’re Wondering Now. But I do wonder…

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