In praise of @MarcusJBall

Embed from Getty Images

Marcus Ball has announced that he can no longer move forward with his legal fight to hold Boris Johnson responsible for his “£350 million a week” red bus statement.

This young man has put up an extraordinary fight over the last three and a half years.

Goodness knows, there are many roads to riches in the legal profession.

But Marcus Ball took the road of integrity and selflessness, and devoted his whole life – one might say he put his life on the line – to fight for truthfulness.

What has been particularly noticeable is that Marcus’s fight has not been political. He has specifically been fighting against public servants telling untruths in public office.

I have myself contributed to Marcus’s campaign. I am delighted by every penny I gave him through crowd funding. I do not begrudge a single penny I gave his campaign.

He now faces bankruptcy.

Well, he deserves a great future in the legal profession.

It is extremely unusual to come across such selfless motives.

This country needs more Marcus Balls!

I salute him!

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