Professor Longhair meets Lilly Allen

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I have blogged previously about the odd coincidence which led me to discover the exquisite musical mayhem created by the late Professor Longhair.

To listen to his version of “Rum and Cola” is to properly live life IMHO.

But I made a remarkable discovery yesterday.

I was listening to my “BIG” playlist on Spotify (where I dump virtually anything with vague musical merit) and, lo and behold, I came across one of the Fess’s tunes called: “Big Chief” (play below).

Yes, it’s a bit strange saying “I came across” it, as it’s my playlist and I put everything in there.

But I can’t honestly remember shoving it in there. It just goes to show what great taste I have. 😉

Anyway, I re-heard this tune and was rather puzzled:

Why did Professor Longhair, habitué of New Orleans, copy a Lilly Allen tune? – That’s Lilly Allen of “I believe that is called Al Fresco” and step-daughter of Harry Enfield-fame

– was my initial reaction.

Any road up, after readjusting my eyesight a few times, it turns out, logically of course, that Professor Longhair was sampled by Lilly Allen in her tune “Knock ’em out”.

I had no idea.

….Which just goes to show at what level of ignorance I blithely scuttle through life.

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