Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand

The video below shows Bob Monkhouse, live on stage at The Albany pub in Great Portland Street, Central London in 2003, interspersed with interviews with comedians and celebrities that were in the audience that night. It was to be his last stand-up comedy performance and shows him at his best. He really was a stand-up genius.

I was fortunate enough to see him on stage at Butlin’s Minehead doing his stand-up in the late 1970s. I was doing glass collection as a staff member. He was fantastic – and quite different from his TV appearances. The following night I saw him again, because I was still collecting glasses. Interestingly, his every utterance, gesture and pause were exactly the same as the night before. This was testament to his supreme skill.

After some great stand-up, in the second half of this video, Bob Monkhouse recalls some fascinating observations on famous comedians he knew and worked with such as Peter Sellers, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper etc. He really is very frank, incisive and funny on these comedy giants. He then introduces Mike Yarwood, who is seeringly honest about his career and life. This gig was recorded shortly before Bob Monkhouse sadly died. So it is incredible that he puts in a flawless, fascinating and hugely energetic performance.

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