Modern use of gadgets which grandad would recognise #1

I have recently started using some new “gadgets”. Normally such items are very new. But in these cases they are gadgets which my grandads would have recognised.

About six years ago I stopped wearing a wristwatch because I was fed up of the slight discomofort of doing so. In any case, I decided I could use my mobile phone (or any one of the many clocks which surround one on a daily basis).

In fact, that left me unable to see what time it was when my mobile was switched off. (And, a bit like a watched kettle never boiling – switching on one’s phone in a hurry seems to take an age).

So I hit upon a solution.

A pocket watch.

For a few quid on Amazon I picked up an excellent pocket watch, with a chain to attach it to my belt loop.

I have used it on a daily basis for the last year or so and it is a godsend.


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