In praise of Parish Councils

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This is a rather unfocussed post, but I just wanted to give a shout-out for Parish Councils.

One of our number here at LDV Towers, Mark Valladares, writes a blog called Liberal Bureaucracy. One of its main subjectival strands is Mark’s role as a parish councillor. Just leafing through some of the post titles gives one an excellent flavour of parish council life:

Creeting St Peter: the importance of a neatly trimmed bush…

Suffolk’s Parish councillors meet – nobody dead…

Catch the bus, if you can…

Creeting St Peter: rushing headlong into the 21st century…

I could have picked on many parish councillor blogs as an illustration, so please excuse me for just picking on Mark’s blog as a “for instance”.

My point is that there are thousands of parish councillors in the country. Often it is regarded that parish councils do very little apart from the odd bit of “tarting up” of the community environment.

But, there are many parish councillors and parish clerks, who work extremely hard, putting in very long hours, having their lives taken over by parish business, thinking about very little else often throughout the day and night.

Often parish councils have little resources (for example, no employees or clerk) and parish councillors have to do things like type out minutes and agendas, and put agendas up on noticeboards.

Although most parish councils are not Political or even political, there are often understandable challenges caused by often random sets of people from disparate backgrounds working together.

So, anyway, in short, I take my Wednesday hat off to all parish councils!


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