Donald Trump interview from 1980 – is this a different person?

This is a remarkable video clip of a 1980 NBC interview with Donald Trump. Tom Brokaw is the host for a conversation about New York real estate with a 33 year-old Trump.

It is worth noting Donald Trump’s mode of speech in this interview. He talks quite quickly. He uses lots of words. He doesn’t stumble over those words. His sentences are perfectly formed and crisply delivered, with lots of substantive clauses and the like. And what he is talking about has quite a lot of technical detail.

Is this the same man as the one who is running the USA at the moment?

Is it usual for someone’s mode of speech to change so much from when they are 33 to when they are 71?

As a comparison, broadcaster here is Neil Kinnock talking when he was 41 years old:

And here he is in 2013 at the same age Donald Trump is now – 71 years old:

There doesn’t seem to be much difference, so one wonders why Donald Trump sounds so different 38 years on.


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