Inside the home of “fake news”

Last Tuesday, I visited the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I don’t have any great insight on CNN Center which will interest LDV readers, except to say that it is absolutely humungous, gives the impression of being an extremely professional organisation and, if you’re ever within striking distance of Atlanta, I would thoroughly recommend a tour.

I booked well in advance for a “VIP tour”. This is a few more dollars than a standard tour and you see a few more control rooms and studios. It is to CNN’s credit that they organise such tours. You can no longer have a tour of the BBC studios in London.

The CNN center itself is in a huge building with a food hall on the ground floor and an adjacent hotel. To get up to the CNN studios you have to ride in the longest free standing elevator in the world! After a tear-inducing film about CNN, we got a tour of two control rooms, two newsrooms and a studio. In the studio, star “anchor” Robin Meade said “Hello – how are you?” to us during a break from her morning show.

I should mention that the reference to “fake news” in the title of this post is to Donald Trump’s name for CNN.

And, if you can stand it, here is the photo I paid $35 for!


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