Russ Ballard and “Fly Away” – one that got away

Russ Ballard was the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Argent. He wrote perhaps their best known song “God gave rock and roll to me“, which was later taken up by Kiss. He’s had great success as a song-writer. He wrote rock songs such as “Since you’ve been gone“, which was a hit for Rainbow, “You can do magic“, which was a hit for America, and a little favourite of mine called “New York Groove“, which Hello did.

Back in 1974, when I bought virtually every 7 inch record that went into the Top Forty, and many that didn’t, I bought “Fly Away” which is from Russ Ballard’s first solo album. Well, yesterday I remembered it and brought it up on YouTube (which was certainly quicker than finding my copy of the 7 inch single, which is probably in the attic somewhere). It’s a beautiful song, and it is a crying shame it didn’t get anywhere near the charts:


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