Is this why there is no rush to make Boris Johnson Prime Minister?

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Theresa v Boris: How May became PM is highly recommended viewing. It’s available for the next ten days on BBC iPlayer. Made for BBC2, it is an attractive mix of key player interviews, contemporaneous news footage and dramatised scenes.

Theresa May is played very well indeed by Jacqueline King (who I might gratuitously point out is well known to the legions of Lib Dem Doctor Who fans!) and Boris is captured brilliantly by Will Barton, even though his hair and nose make him look more like Michael Fabricant.

What comes across, loud and clear (whether it is a reflection of reality or apocryphal) is the utter ineptitude of Boris Johnson in (mis)leading his campaign. This is very surprising bearing in mind he ran London for eight years. But the massive Exodus of MPs from Boris’ side after Gove put the knife in, provides perhaps ample explanation of why there has been no rush to replace Theresa May post-June 8th with Boris.

The ending tune and out-takes of the programme are worth hanging on for, also.

For what it’s worth, the BBC IPlayer blurb describes the piece very well:

This drama documentary tells the story of the Conservative Party’s 2016 leadership campaign – how Boris Johnson, having won the referendum and in pole position to be the next PM, handed victory to Theresa May.

Based on extensive research and first-person testimonies, this dramatized narrative goes beyond the headlines to lay bare the politicking and positioning, betrayals and blunders of this extraordinary political time. The programme also features key interviews with people who were intimately involved in the campaigns of the main contenders.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what Michael Fabricant looks like:

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