Norway option, at least in the interim, offers the only sensible route out of this mess

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The Conservative party likes to boast that it, combined with our FPTP electoral system, provides strong and stable government.

Well, a fat lot of strength and stability the Tory party and FPTP system have given us in the last two years!

We’ve had two Prime Ministers, Cameron and May, who will have historians squabbling for years as to whether they are the worst or second worst or third worst Prime Ministers in the history of this country!

David Cameron put party before country when he promised an EU referendum, ending with his political shredding.

It is unbelievable that Theresa May’s “snap election” mistake (from her point of view) now looks even more stupid than David Cameron’s error.

I emphasise the words “from her point of view”.

I always told anyone who would listen that May’s decision to call an election was the right thing for the country. After the June 23rd 2016 referendum we needed a national democratic event to sort-out the situation. So I commend May for calling the election, just as, incidentally I commend Cameron for calling the EU referendum. The rub is that May didn’t call the election for the good of the country, she called it for the good of herself.

The result of the election gives me great reason for optimism. The arrangement with the DUP won’t last five years. It is constitutionally correct that the make-up of Parliament dictates the government. And the DUP will be involved long enough to stop a hard Brexit by means of keeping the porous Irish border. Dependent on which parties provide the deputy speakers, Theresa May will have a working majority of 8-10. With by-elections happening on average at the rate of 2-3 a year, that isn’t going to last her five years, plus there are bound to be enormous complications in Ireland, because of the DUP’s involvement in sustaining the UK government.

So we haven’t heard the last of this yet. The second shoe is yet to drop. That may be a Bouncing BoJo appearance or another election. If you count the June 23rd referendum as the first act in this madness, then perhaps we should say that there is yet to be the Third Act of this drama, which will hopefully turn out to be a Comedy of Errors rather than a Tragedy.

But once again, it is becoming more and more crazy that this country has not, at least as an interim “holding” solution, gone for the Norway (EEA/EFTA) option. The ludicrous and (I believe) unconstitutional decision by Theresa May to rule out membership of the Single Market, and even, unbelievably, the Customs Union, was one of the most heinous acts of any British Prime Minister ever. The sooner we come to our senses and realise that EEA/EFTA memberships offers us a temporary sanctuary while we compose ourselves, the better.


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