What a wonderful day to walk up to a young voter, hug them* and say: “THANK YOU”

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I braced myself at 10pm last night. “Oh gawd – here we go again” I thought – along with “goodness how I hate David Dimbleby’s pompous accent and patronising manner”.

There were some distressing losses for us, and some frustrating near-wins, which Caron wrote about earlier.

But I’d like to just think about the wider picture.

As the exit poll appeared, and then the results unraveled, one thing became clear:

This was the election of the young voter. There were reports of queues of young people waiting to vote all over the place. The effect could be seen in result after result.

Thank goodness for that!

We are often told “The young may decide it” and then the young stay in bed. Well this time, they finally turned out in droves.

I was dreading the thought that the results, yet again (as with June 23rd 2016 – a date written down in Saga catalogues) would be the story of boring old farts with pensions (like me) dictating the result and installing the most right wing Mayist government who conduct a handbrake Brexit.

But instead – thank goodness – at long last the young stood up and got counted!

Yes, May hangs on by her finger nails, a broken woman. The Tories face an internal implosion, and good luck to them with that.

But it is clear that this is the election of the young person.

It offers optimism and hope!

The young have got their own back on the old! This is their revenge on the Saga generation for June 23rd 2016!

To paraphrase Ken Dodd:

What a wonderful day! What a wonderful day to walk up to a young voter, give them a hug and say: “Thank you, oh young voter”

*Subject to health and safety and all sensible precautions, post-application of wet wipes, written permission from the young voter etc etc


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