Insanity, stupidity or senility?

Is it insanity, stupidity or senility that has led me to volunteer to deliver so many pigging Good Mornings tomorrow? Eight bundles!

Tim Farron says he’ll be up at 5am, so I will be up at 5am. I am not going to be outdone by Tim Farron. But I have had to carefully choose the sequence of the roads I will do. One has to carefully judge the extent to which residents in certain roads will tolerate some numpty stumbling around at 5am delivering “Good Morning” leaflets. (By the way, if you knock over some milk bottles, take a tip from an old colleague of mine and shout: “Sorry – Labour Party delivering leaflets!”. (That’s a joke by the way)).

Several decades ago, I began delivering leaflets for a council by-election in a rural road at 5am. After a while, a police car drew up (the constabulary had been, no doubt, alerted by the local Neighbourhood Watch). “Can I ask what you are doing, sir?”, asked the PC in the passenger seat. I showed him one of my leaflets which had a picture of an elephant with its trunk tied in a knot and the text: “Have you forgotten something?”. I think the PC instantly realised that a burglar wouldn’t go equipped with such paperwork.

Good luck to all tomorrow!


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