Soft Brexit Tory MPs who sign up for a hard Brexit manifesto will be responsible for an historic mistake

In August 2016, unusually, I made an appointment to see my MP. I wanted to talk to him about Britain, after Brexit, being part of the EEA and EFTA – in other words “a soft Brexit”.

My Conservative MP unequivocally explained that he campaigned for “remain”, his constituency voted “remain” and he wanted to salvage a good deal for local companies from Brexit. He spoke about making sure there are no extra barriers for local businesses exporting abroad. He enthusiastically received a paper I gave him from the Adam Smith Institute advocating EEA/EFTA membership after Brexit.

I cannot believe that this MP, to all intents and purposes a passionate “soft Brexit” advocate, is now going to sign up to a “hard Brexit” manifesto for the June 8th election.

What kind of insanity has overcome this country, that we are going headlong into a situation which will make exporting to other countries a painful and expensive business for companies? May is even intent on leaving the customs union – which is insane. – Talk to anyone who has tried to export things without the ease of the single market or customs union processes. Multiple and long forms have to be filled out, strange “jobs worth” processes have to be followed for individual countries. It is madness that we are even contemplating this for a modern economy the UK’s. That’s not to mention the pain for people as jobs are lost as firms relocate overseas to stay within the single market.

But if this goes ahead, the responsibility for this historic disaster must sit squarely with Tory “soft Brexit” MPs who defy logic and their consciences and stand for election on June 8th on a “hard Brexit” manifesto.


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