General election – the right course of action for the country, but I have my suspicions as to the motives

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Having a general election in June is absolutely the right course of action, for the good of the country.

We need it to clear the air and clarify the public’s view on Brexit.

The 23rd June 2016 referendum result was narrow, one dimensional and controversial.

We need a full general election to have a debate which clarifies the Brexit mandate.

In particular, we need a sensible discussion on membership of the single market and the customs union.

So I agree with Theresa May’s call for a general election.

However, I am very suspicious of her motives for calling for one at this stage, especially as she has repeatedly ruled on out.

Could it be that her timing is not unassociated with the news that the Crown Prosecution Service is considering charges against more than 30 individuals in connection with election expenses for the 2015 general election?

Could it be that she feels this is the best time for an election, before the public discovers how dire the Brexit options are, given the corner which the Tory party has painted us into?

After all, if she had waited a bit, the Tory prospects would have been improved by boundary changes. Tory PMs only ever make decisions based on their own survival. So why now? Could it be entirely unlinked to the second poll in several days giving the Tories a 17 point lead over Labour?

Does, perhaps, Mrs May feel this is the best chance she will have for years to secure a decent majority?


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