Probably the most catchy and annoying radio advert of all time….

I think I caught a listen of this advert some weeks ago when I was going through some YouTube clips. It is still in my head. It was played a lot on Capital Radio in the Seventies. Thanks to “SuperWomble” on the DigitalSpy Forum, the words of the ad jingle are:

Vogue has the prices, that are the very nicest,
Vogue has the selection that everyone adores,
Come to Vogue interiors for furniture superior,
Vogue cash and carry, furniturely yours!
Superior materials from Vogue!

You can listen to it in this selection of old Capital Radio bits. I’ve cued it up so you hear the advert straight away:

This jingle (later in the same YouTube clip at 7′ 22″) from Richard Shops is also engrained in my memory:

Richard shops are filled with all the pretty things
Such a lot of pretty things to wear
Hey there, pretty thing, make the world a prettier place
Come, pretty up, come buy your clothes at Richard Shops


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