Meet Paul Tyler’s (almost) unused cooker…

Paul (Lord) Tyler shows the nation the oven he has only used once (to warm up a pizza that “was a bit flabby”).

The second episode of “Meet the Lords” aired last night and is available here on BBC iPlayer for the next 29 days. I mentioned, in my review of last week’s opening show, that our own dear Paul (Lord) Tyler was popping up in the programme. Well, this week I am delighted to say that the great Cornish Liberal is featured at some length. The film crew visit him in his little flat and follow him on his daily journey to the Lords.

The programme follows the course of the Lord Strathclyde proposal to clip the wings of the Lords last year. Paul Tyler comments that Lord Strathclyde is probably a good person to be in charge of such attempted reforms but:

He is a foxy, crafty character.

The programme also covers the progress of the Trade Unions Bill, and a defeat of the government on one of its amendments, aided and abetted by the Lib Dem peers.

We also see Lords Strathclyde and West at close quarters, plus some of the doormen (showing their black woollen winter coats and their light summer red coats), the guy who puts the flag up and the guys who clean the windows using things called “carabiners”.

All human life is there!


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