The Trump story that takes the biscuit – until the next one that takes it…

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I’m going to sound callous but I do believe that perhaps the only plus point of a Trump Presidency is its comedy value. Viewing figures for the US late night shows are booming.

I thought we had reached the pinnacle of Trump comedy with the story of how he appeared, in front of a cross-party gathering of Congressional leaders at the White House, to base his call for an investigation into voter fraud on a conversation with German golfer Bernard Langer.

But yesterday there came a story which really takes the biscuit. At 3am one morning, local time, President Trump phoned his national security adviser to ask whether a strong or weak dollar was best for the American economy.

This raises so many questions.

Why ask such a question at 3am?

Donald Trump has said:

I’m, like, a really smart person.

So why does this super-smart businessman not know the answer to a question that any teenage economics student could answer?

Yes, it’s a good conversation starter, but at 3am?

And why call your National Security Adviser, an expert in military intelligence, with this question, when your cabinet is chock-full of millionaire/billionaire businessmen?

Why not just Google it?

Did he just want to keep his National Security Adviser on his toes?

And how did we find out this story? Could it be that, as reported, White House insiders are so concerned about the Presidents behaviour that they leaking like sieves?

I’m looking forward to the next cycle of US late shows to see how they cover this!


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