The Fleming museum – a major item ticked off my bucket list

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I ticked off a major item from my bucket list yesterday – I visited the Fleming museum in London.

I only found out it was there a few months ago. I was walking along Praed Street and noticed the blue plaque. To be honest I thought Sir Alexander Fleming, a Scot, had discovered penicillin in Edinburgh. I had no idea he did so just near Paddington Station in London.

So I was given a dispensation from retail therapy with my girls and toddled along. I had to follow a lot of arrows, going through the corridors of St Mary’s Hospital Paddington. Then I arrived at the museum reception to be greeted by two lovely ladies who were most charming.

One showed me to the actual small room, overlooking Praed Street, where Sir Alexander worked for many years and discovered pencillin. I was overwhelmed with emotion at seeing the actual place where the discovery took place – a discovery that has saved my life many times and that of my family and friends. Just think when you last had earache and the doctor prescribed anti-biotics for it. Well, before 1928 and the discovery of penicillin, hospitals were chocked full of people who died of ear infections and other infections which, nowadays we take for granted and get cleared up with anti-biotics.

It was a moment to be very humble and very grateful.


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