Choosing one’s ideal Focus delivery tool

Last April, while delivering Focus leaflets for a by-election, I had a slight disagreement with a member of the canine community. I came off the worst, resulting in a trip to the local minor injuries department and a spectacular dressing on my finger.

Ever since that incident, I have at last listened to wiser heads who have advised using a Focus delivery tool.

If you can find the right tool, it avoids the risk of a canine incident, as well as speeding up delivery and ensuring a less “screwed up” leaflet reaches the resident.

At first I used a wooden spoon. Then I used a couple of spatulas and a wooden spoon again. All these devices ended up going straight through a letter box.

The resultant scene, from the point of view of the unsuspecting resident, must have been like an Agatha Christie mystery. A leaflet and a wooden spoon lying on their doormat… What on earth happened? – they must have wondered.

It was after the loss of half of our kitchen’s armoury of implements that I alighted upon the humble fish slice as being (for me) the ideal Focus delivery tool. Also known as a “turner”, you can pick them up in Wilko for 40 pence. Because they are crooked, there is less chance of them going straight through the letterbox. Because they are broad, they crisply push the whole leaflet through the letterbox without any screw-up.

Here’s a video of me using said device on our open door at home:

Someone told me that someone in the LibDems has invented the perfect leaflet delivery tool – some sort of cardboard box affair. Does anyone know of this? Or do you have your own ideal Focus delivery tool?

We can’t finish an article on this subject without reference to the following stunning performance, shared by Mark Pack.


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