Christmas…don’t get me started

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I wore a very red tie to a little gathering this week.

It is a very, very red tie that I reserve for Christmas.

Someone accused me of supporting “Old Labour”. Well, I am great fan of Harold Wilson. And I am normally more comfortable chatting with Labour types than Conservative types. But there it ends.

“I’m wearing red for Christmas” said I.

“Why’s that?” said my “old Labour”-accuser.

“Well, it signifies Christ’s blood, doesn’t it?”, I asked.

“Doesn’t it signify the holly berries, from “The Holly and the Ivy?”, they asked.

At that I left it. I don’t like to make a scene.

Of course, the tart reply comes to one ten minutes after the event:

“Ah, but what do the holly berries signify“?

Christmas. It’s got “Christ” in it. That’s a bit of a clue.

By all means, celebrate the end of the year, or Winterval, if you don’t believe, and by all means call it “Christmas” if you like. But you can’t deny the whole connection of the festival with Jesus Christ. That would be plain silly.


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