Don’t pass by homeless/needy people on the street

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Often we get into a habit of walking past homeless/needy people sitting on the side of the street. We are told that it is wrong to give them money, so we just pass awkwardly by.

It takes a lot of courage, but with temperatures dropping, I would suggest just stopping and chatting to the next person you see in such a situation. They may ask for money – and I would suggest declining that request. But what you can do is offer to go and buy them a drink of coffee/tea/soup or a sandwich or some chocolate.

For years I used to give money to homeless/needy people on the street, but last year I was advised by a charity worker not to do so. So for the last few months I have been offering to buy a coffee/sandwich.

I have found recipients to be extremely grateful that someone has stopped and treated them like a human-being for a few moments of their day.

Another thing you can consider is donating to a homeless charity and/or reporting a street-sleeper to Streetlink website, which will alert the relevant local authority to that person’s predicament.

Also, many charities are looking for volunteers to help run their services for the homeless/needy this Christmas. Why not consider giving them a few hours of your time? You’ll have great fun, I assure you.


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