Do we need to brace ourselves for Trump being perceived as a “great President”?

Embed from Getty Images

The fellow on the left of the photo (above) is Jared Kushner. He is the son-in-law of Donald Trump and, perhaps, “the power behind the throne” of the new President. An MBA and Harvard graduate, he knows how to run a business. Given Trump’s extraordinary victory, of which he was the architect, he is also a successful political campaign manager.

It was often said of Ronald Reagan, regarded by some as a “great President” of the US, that he was a good manager. That is, that he chose good people to work for him, who made good decisions.

Due to the 1967 anti-nepotism law, Kushner can’t be in the cabinet or, some say, on the White House staff. But he could be a key adviser to President Trump.

Already Mr Kushner has been meeting the Japanese Prime Minister and taking part in behind the scenes discussions with other countries. He is being mooted as a Middle East “peace envoy”. A sort of Henry Kissinger? (Except Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State – a post Kushner can’t hold).

It is conceivable that Kushner could make or break the Trump presidency. Every President needs advisers with whom he has good relationships. Kushner, and other staff/cabinet picks, could make President Trump successful.

It troubles me to say that, when we have people like Steve Bannon (another Harvard graduate) being brought into the fold, but it is a reality we may need to face.

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