R Dean Taylor – Canadian artist on Tamla Motown

Luckily, I was treated to a dinner last Tuesday. Very much unknown to me, the evening turned into a quiz on R Dean Taylor. Born in Toronto in 1939, he was the first white artist to record on the Tamla Motown label. Here are his main Motown hits:

Great Henry Mancini track on Pick of the Pops

Well done BBC Radio 2, Pick of the Pops and Paul Gambaccini!

Last Saturday’s Pick of the Pops 1964 half was a real corker. Often the programme throws up great tracks which aren’t played much these days.

Henry Mancini’s “How soon?” was really fantastic to hear. Yes, a bit schmaltzy and MOR (Middle of the road), but it hit the spot with me….

The Great Gambo said it was the theme from the TV series “The Richard Boon show”, which is in the second box below and looks like a laugh a minute…