What happened with Paul McCartney and John Lennon in the Seventies?

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Radio 2’s “Sounds of the Seventies” with Johnnie Walker this week features an interview with Richard White, who has written “Come Together: Lennon and McCartney’s Road to Reunion“. The interview is a must-listen for anyone interested in the Beatles and what happened with the “Fab Four” after the great band broke up. There are some very interesting historical perspectives which don’t necessarily fit the narrative in the media at the time. For example: Did Yoko Ono break up the Beatles? – No it was probably Alan Klein. Were McCartney and Lennon at each others’ throats for the seventies? – Well no, the truth (based on interviews with a shedload of people who were close to the quartet for many years) seems a little more nuanced than that.

You can listen to the show via BBC iPlayer here for the next 29 days.


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