Can the nation somehow unite around the values represented by Money Saving Expert, NSPCC, TK Maxx and M&S?

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Our esteemed editor, Caron, returned yesterday from a very well earned holiday and, revitalised by sun-soaked walks on Rosemarkie Beach, underscored the party’s need not to “go wobbly on the EU“. She concluded:

The future prosperity of our country depends on us winning these hearts and minds and we need to get on with it. We need to provide the glue that helps this very divided country to come back together and solve the problems it faces.

According to research based on years of mass polling by YouGov, uniting the country could boil down to somehow responding to the common themes represented by four brands: Money Saving Expert, NSPCC, TK Maxx and M&S.

Based on affinities identified in the polling, Emily James, chief strategy officer at advertising agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R says that the brands that are most likely to determine whether someone voted Leave or Remain in the referendum are:

Top 10 brands – Leave voters:

HP Sauce, Bisto, ITV News, The Health Lottery, Bird’s Eye, Iceland, Sky News, Cathedral City cheese, PG Tips and Richmond sausages.

Top 10 brands – Remain voters:, BBC iPlayer, Instagram, London Underground, Spotify, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Virgin Trains, Twitter and EasyJet.

On the face of it, these brand lists highlight the stark Leave/Remain division in the UK. On the one hand we have Brexiteers clinging to the “traditional, straightforward, simple, down-to-earth, good value and friendly”. On the other hand, we have remainers who are attracted to the “progressive, up-to-date, visionary, innovative, socially responsible” and “intelligent”.

However, the research highlights those four brands: Money Saving Expert, NSPCC, TK Maxx and M&S, whose values appeal to both remainers and leavers.

The commentary concludes:

They are all examples of brands that champion something of importance to a wide range of people – whether it is “being savvy”, protecting those who are vulnerable, or getting good quality at great prices.

All expertly navigate the seemingly paradoxical sets of behaviours set out above. For example: Money Saving Expert is both simple and intelligent in its advice and tone, while TK Maxx is traditional in its offer of designer brands, but innovative in its business model of giving mainstream access.

Examining people’s brand choices on each side of our divided nation can shed light on what might speak to the values close to the heart of each group. So, for a Government to genuinely bridge the cultural divide that runs so deep in our country, it might seek inspiration from the brands that already cross this chasm successfully. If the Government manages to set out a progressive, visionary and intelligent strategy, but deliver it in a simple, straightforward and down to earth manner, then maybe it really could be on the way to building One Nation Britain.

Perhaps such an approach might be sensible way forward, also, for the Liberal Democrats?

You can read more on this research here.


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