Boris is in charge of the country – what could he get up to?

Embed from Getty Images
Boris is in charge of the country.

What could he get up?

  • Perhaps finally use those three German water cannon to cool down heated tourists in Trafalgar Square?
  • Issue a multiple apology for his past columns to all UN member nations (just to be sure)?
  • Get stuck on a zip wire between Number 10 and Buckingham Palace while trying to visit Her Majesty?
  • Go into Madame Tussauds and pretend to be his own waxwork for a morning? Warf! Warf!
  • Try to catch up on our Olympic medals total via the BBC red button but fire our nuclear deterrent at Belgium instead?
  • Finally find the £350 million a week for the NHS under Theresa May’s aspidistra?

Come on team, there must be some others…

In reality, he’ll probably be doing some very boring and worthy things, which appears to be his new lot in life.


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