Brexit: How we could be in the single market with greater control over immigration – the Adam Smith Institute

The words of President Hollande on Thursday reinforced the UK’s apparent dilemma:

It’s the most crucial point… Britain will have to choose: stay in the single market and accept free movement or have another status.

I have banged on about this since the referendum. There is a halfway house – that of being in the EEA and EFTA.

The Adam Smith Institute have this week released a briefing paper entitled: “The case for the (interim) EEA option“. In it, they point out the ability for the UK to “have greater control over migration” while being in the single market:

The EEA solution comes with an in-built safeguard relating to the internal market freedoms (Article 112) providing the power to curb excessive migration volumes that are having a social, financial or environmental impact. The safeguard could be immediately applied, for instance requiring job offers before employment for jobs paying less than a certain rate of pay, or restricting rights to work in certain areas of the UK. This ensures that the UK would have greater control over the migration flows of EU citizens than as an EU member – a concern for many of those who voted Leave.

You can read the full briefing paper here.

Hat-tip: James Hicklin


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