The Labour party becomes a debating society

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It appears as if Jeremy Corbyn may win the leadership race in the Labour party.

So it seems that the Labour Party has decided to become a debating society rather than a proper parliamentary force. That’s fine. Being a debating society is perfectly respectable. But it is not what established the NHS, founded the Welfare State, implemented the minimum wage, put in place equality laws, abolished the death penalty, legalised homosexuality, established the Open university etc etc.

And this excellent luxury of being a debating society could allow (if UKIP and the right wing of the Tory party get their way) the UK to break up amidst economic carnage with mass job losses, reduced wages and rising prices.


One thought on “The Labour party becomes a debating society

  1. Hi Paul

    Many a time and oft in the Rialto, I have wanted to comment on your excellent site , so here I am!

    The Labour party this very day has baffled me so much ! Once upon a time , I was in that party . I was too right wing social democrat for old Labour,reading about and inspired by Gaitskell, more than Bevan! Both gone before I was born , I was the early young generation for New Labour and found I was too centre left liberal for them !

    I eventually discovered where I am better suited to , in the Liberal Democrats!

    On the Andrew Marr show today , an interview with John Mc DonEngels , proved the madness of their current and ongoing scenario, no sooner than I was sympathetic to the leadership a moment, in the wake of what seemed like winging claims of imagined break ins to offices and complaints to the Speaker , as described by Jeremy Comrades Shadow Chancellor , than I was greeted with the hilarious spectacle of the self same man having to listen to quotes from his previous interviews when he extolled the virtues of his greatest , and self declared influences, Marx , Lenin , and Trotsky !

    You could not , most definitely not , certainly not , make it up !

    The Labour party is a debating society that seems to only want to debate with itself !

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