Hopefully this will be the last stunning day in British politics for a while

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Well, well, well. Yet another stunning day in British politics.

There we were expecting two months of two candidates touring constituency Conservative parties. And then suddenly we hear that we’ll have a new Prime Minister on Wednesday evening.

Our Prime Minister exits the stage humming a bar of the West Wing ending theme tune.

It is fascinating that, in the referendum, many people voted to take back control, so that their leaders were not unelected. And we now seem to have had our Prime Minister chosen by Rachel Sylvester, Times journalist. How mad can you get?

In one sense it seems crazy that we have a new PM and only one speech (given this morning) which gives us an idea of her programme.

In another sense, it is perhaps healthy that Theresa May has not had to play to the gallery of the Tory party for two months. She won’t have to commit to right-wing red meat to beat Andrea Leadsom. So she starts with a clean sheet. We can only hope that, as a result, she comes up with a Brexit plan which is truly the best one for the country as a whole, rather than just the Tory party or the Brexiteers.

In other news, the Labour party will be having a leadership election.


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