When an agony aunt is remarkably direct with a male correspondent

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This Mariella Frostup column from the Guardian is priceless.

Ms Frostup is a remarkably versatile journalist and broadcaster. One moment she’s presenting “Open Book” on Radio 4, the next minute she’s on panel on “Question Time” and then she pops up voicing adverts for Dettol.

Her “Dear Mariella” column is a very much a Guardian take on the Agony Aunt theme. Her answers are very considered and intelligent. I have read this column for many years. The column for 13th March stands out. It’s the nearest any Agony Aunt comes to losing their temper with a correspondent:

Sexual bucket list? I’m just loving the 21st century and this whole wish fulfilment epidemic. We’ve got children dying of hunger and treatable diseases, mothers not surviving childbirth, gay men being pushed off buildings in IS-held territory, desperate escapees of war and poverty drowning daily in the Mediterranean sea and a seriously deranged, racist golfer on the fast track to the White House – and you’re feeling cheated because you haven’t yet had anal sex?

Very sensibly and discreetly, Ms Frostup advises her correspondent to indulge in fantasy fiction. That’s about as coarse as it gets in the Guardian.


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